Since its inception, through its various creative programs, Kalangan has continued to introduce various art forms like music, dance, drama, painting, writing and many more to today's children. With the active participation of the enthusiastic children, their encouraging parents and the entire Kalangan team; Kalangan continues to produce and conduct programmes, plays, lectures, workshops, hobby-workshops and residential hobby-workshops for the children.

Many talented kids like Swarangi Marathe, Gauri Vaidya, Anandi Joshi, Anagha Dhomse, Avanti Patel, Sayli Mahadik, Vaibhav Londhe have been associated with Kalangan since their blooming days and they are today's rising stars in the fields of music, dance, drama, films.

Here are some of the noted and creative events / concepts / programmes produced by Kalangan -

  • "Krishna-Mela" - A stage show based on the creations and compositions of legendary Master Krishnarao.
  • "Nakshatranche Dene - Zing Chyak Zink"
  • "Kuhu Kuhu" - A musical programme performed by a group of 15-20 children in the age group of 4-14 years, singing popular poems of renowned poets. The compering is also done by the children themselves. A captivting programme !!
  • "Bhairavi - The Beginning" - A creative concept of presenting Hindi film songs based upon Raag "Bhairavi" in the Hindustani classical music.
  • "Prabhat Darshan" - "Prabhat Film Company" is an immortal name in the history of Indian film industry. It celebrated its Diamond Jubilee on 1st Jun 2004. Prabhat's productions were known for their creative approach, great stories, melodious music and the larger than life sets. Through "Prabhat Darshan", Kalangan aimed at reliving the golden era of Prabhat.
  • "Asha Ke Phool" - Children in the age group 11-14 singing the evergreen songs by Asha Bhosle.
  • "Pungiwala" - The famous story of the "pied piper" (Pungiwala) enacted by children.
  • "Hasgulla" - A programme of music and dance for kids.
  • "Jungle Gani" - Audio release function of Kalangan's "Jungle Gani"
  • "Gunanidhi Music Competition" - Gunanidhi is Kalangan's annual music competition in the memory of Pt. Neelkanth Abhyankar, to promote the musical talents of children and to provide them with a platform. The participants are from the age group 11-15. Each year, the competition has a diferent theme for the participants to prepare songs and perform live on stage with seasoned musicians. Renowned artists such as Faiyyaz, Suresh Wadkar, Ajit Kadkade are invited to judge the competitors. The winner of the competition is awarded the "Kalangan Gunanidhi Medal". The winner also gets to participate in various programmes and activities of Kalangan.
  • "Gunanidhi - 2002 to 2008" Music Competition
  • "Jallosh" - An annual event of Kalangan. A kaleidoscope of music, dance, drama and fun.
  • "Workshops" - Various hobby workshops based on music, dance, percussion, painting, craft are conducted by Kalangan round the year. These workshops help children to learn various art forms in an interactive way.
  • "Gurukul Residential Workshops" - Every year, in the months of April-May, Kalangan organizes week long residential workshops. The aim of these workshops is to introduce to the children, our rich tradition of Hindustani classical music in an innovative and creative manner.
  • "Bahulicha Lagna" - Marriage cermony of dolls !!
  • "Gammat Gani" - Music, dance and fun !!
  • "Gunjarav"
  • "Christmas Party" - Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho !!!!
  • "Chocolate Dahi-Handi" - Modern Dahi Handi for kids !!
  • "Baalswar Workshop & Event at Badlapur 2016" (10-21 April)
  • "Navi Duniya Camp" (12-15 May 2016)
  • "Gurukul Camp" (16-24 May 2016)
  • "Soulful Musical Program" (19 Jun 2016)
  • Limbu Timbu Baalgeet Competition (17th Aug 2016)
  • "Varshav Bhaktirang" (21st Aug 2016)
  • "Gunanidhi Competition0" (17-18 Sep 2016)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition on 1st October - (Kalyan)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition on 2nd October - (Dombivli)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition on 14th November - (Nashik)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition on 26th November - (Sangli)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition on 27th November - (Ratnagiri)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition 2016 on 10th December - (Solapur)
  • Limbu Timbu Balgeet Competition 2016 on 11th December - (Dadar)
"Nakshatranche Dene - Zing Chyak Zink"
"Kuhu Kuhu"
"Bhairavi - The Beginning"
"Prabhat Darshan"
"Asha Ke Phool"
"Jungle Gani"
"Gunanidhi - 2002"
"Gunanidhi - 2003"
"Gunanidhi - 2005"
"Gunanidhi - 2006"
"Gunanidhi - 2007"
"Gunanidhi - 2008"
"Jallosh - 2006"
"Jallosh - 2008"
"Bahulicha Lagna"
"Gammat Gani"
"Christmas Party"
"Chocolate Dahi-Handi"